Introducing the Grab app

Grab downloads Dropbox folders of photos & videos to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod

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Just paste the link...

Paste the Dropbox link you received in email to download all photos & videos

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... or pick a shared folder

You can sign-in to your Dropbox and pick one of your shared folders

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Sub-folders? No problem

Grab downloads all photos & videos, even if they're in a deep folder structure

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Camera Roll

Downloaded photos & videos are saved to your Camera Roll. To view them, open the Apple Photos app.

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Download the Grab app from the Apple app store

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Grab downloads folders of photos and videos from  dropbox-logos_dropbox-logotype-blue

Dropbox Shared Links

Grab supports Dropbox shared links, which are publicly accessible Dropbox folders. Just paste the URL into Grab to download — no sign-in required!

Dropbox Shared Folders

Grab supports Dropbox shared folders, which are Dropbox folders that are shared to specific people. Sign-in to Dropbox in the Grab app to choose a folder that was shared with you.

Dropbox Invitations

Grab detects Dropbox links that are invitations to shared folders, ie. what you get when someone first shares a folder with you. Grab helps you accept the invitation on

Huge transfers

Grab can download gigabytes of photos & videos. Just point it at a folder and Grab will resume the transfer automatically if it is interrupted.

Background transfers

Grab can complete the transfer in the background, so there’s no need to wait in the app.

Optimized transfers

Grab will intelligently download & unpack ZIP files from Dropbox whenever possible, to speed up the transfer.

Subfolder support

Photos and videos in sub-folders will be downloaded, no matter how deep the structure goes. So if you want to download your entire Vacations folder, you can!

Space optimized

Don’t have much free space? Grab is a tiny app, less than 20MB! And downloads are done to ensure that as much as possible can be downloaded if you don’t have much space free.

Save to Camera Roll

Grab saves photos and videos directly to your Camera Roll, so you can open them with any app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the app for?

The app downloads photos & videos from Dropbox to your iOS device. That’s useful when:

  1. … you receive an email with a shared link from Dropbox, and want to download the photos & videos straight to your device
  2. … you want to make photos & videos from your own Dropbox available offline on your device
  3. … you have a lot of photos & videos to download all at once

You’ll get asked if the app can send you notifications. Say yes, so that the app can tell you when your transfer is finished!


Ugh, this app is asking me to allow it to send me notifications! Why would I want that?!

The reason the app asks for notifications is so that at the end of a long transfer when the app is in the background, it can notify you that the transfer is complete. This is really handy if you’re downloading a huge file that takes hours and hours…


What can be downloaded? Where can I download from?

Only photos and videos are supported at this time. Only Dropbox URLs, and Dropbox shared folders (by signing in to your Dropbox) are supported at this time.


The app is asking me for permission to my Dropbox!

If you want to select a shared folder from your Dropbox, then you need to sign-in and give the app permission to your Dropbox. This allows the app to get a list of your shared folders. The app does NOT make any changes to your Dropbox.


The app wants me to enter my Dropbox password!

During sign-in, the app shows a webpage view provided by When you’re prompted to enter your Dropbox username or password, you’re entering this information directly into the website. The app never sees or stores your username or password.


What file types are supported?

You can download photos and videos.
Photo types supported: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO, CUR, TIFF
Video types supported: MP4, M4V, MOV (must use codecs that iOS supports)

My download finished, where are my photos/videos?!

In your Camera Roll. Open the native Apple Photos app, and you’ll see them. The photos are automatically added to an album called Grab, in case you want to find them quickly.


Do transfers continue in the background? What’s the largest size transfer that will work?

Yes, transfers continue in the background even if the app stops running, ie. because you have a lot of other apps running. There is one exception to this: if you kill the app (double-tap home button, swipe up), then all transfers will be stopped. There is no enforced maximum size for a transfer, but please make sure you have enough free space to complete the download. Be careful not to minimize the app when it is processing a ZIP file — it will tell you (at the bottom) if it is not ok to minimize.


My download does not complete!

If you’re downloading a lot of files, or a very big file, then please be patient. It can take minutes until you see even a tiny bit of progress shown, which can be hard to spot! For optimal downloading, please make sure your device is connected to the charger, and connected to your home wifi. Please note that public wifi hotspots, including airports and hotels are NOT recommended, as they periodically disconnect you and in some cases even block downloads.


Does Grab resize my photos or videos?

No, the app does not resize your photos/videos. But, this doesn’t mean that iOS is going to add a 40MB JPG to the Camera Roll.


What happens to the files after they are added to the Camera Roll?

As soon as all photos/videos have been added to the Camera Roll, they are removed from the Grab app. This is to prevent the app size from becoming huge.


Does this app respect my privacy?

Absolutely. Grab uploads two types of information to Parse: crash reports, which help me find out if there are bugs that need fixing; and anonymized usage statistics. The usage statistics do not contain anything that could identify you (such as the URL of your download, your location, or any content from your download); rather, the statistics are things like how big your average download size is.